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Success is the result of a well thought out plan born from knowledge, care and leadership. Whether you’re seeking inspired action in golf performance, mental toughness, fitness or nutrition, our team has a passion for coaching and works hard to deliver a winning experience.
Why It Works

We’re a company dedicated to creating winning strategies for people seeking inspired and purposeful action in golf performance and lifestyle development. The attitude behind the mission is to activate participants in an environment that embraces possibility and increases expectations, while delivering real lasting results. When you engage in our experience, you may have an idea of what you’re capable of, but we guarantee our expectations for success are even higher. This mindset is the driving force behind everything we do. Our goal is to ensure that you possess the knowledge, tools and support to go the distance in dedicated pursuits both on and off the course. Itʼs when goals are authentic, visible and within reach as you live with passion and purpose.

  • Driver Distance

    Gain 50+ yards off the tee with your driver. Welcome to Smashville.

  • Accuracy

    Improve your ball striking and improve your GIR by 12+

  • Strokes Gained

    Lower your score by 10+ strokes.

  • NCAA Scholarships

    1 & Counting students to receive NCAA Collegiate Golf Scholarship.

Our focus

Systematic Achievement by Building a Better Foundation




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Rachelle Rundell
Rachelle Rundell
LPGA Professional
Luke Rundell
Luke Rundell
PGA of Canada
Nick Dunn
Nick Dunn
PGA of America, NCAA Coach

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