20 Quick Tips for Fitness

Hello everybody… A great tip is an awesome thing and knowledge is power baby. Here are 20 fitness tips to help reach all your training goals. So get ready, your about to feel the power and soon have the body to show for it.

20 Training and Fitness Tips


1. Keep Muscles Limber:

In golf it is important to be loose, because tension restricts our range of motion and flexibility. Lack of flexibility will hinder performance on the links. Here’s the fix… If you’re under 40, hold your stretches for 30 seconds. If you’re over 40, hold them for 60 seconds. As you reach your 40s, your muscles become less pliable, so they need to be stretched longer. Stay limber and you’ll be playing better golf. Spend twice as much time stretching your tight muscles as your flexible muscles. Focus on problem areas instead of muscles that are already flexible. Typical problem areas for golf: hamstrings, shoulders, and lower back.

2. Strengthen Your Core

Core muscles are a huge player in sports. Don’t be afraid of situps. Here’s why: Situps increase your range of motion, which makes your abdominals work harder and longer. (Doing crunches on a Swiss ball or with a rolled-up towel under your lower back has a similar effect.) Just avoid situps with anchored feet, which can hurt your lower back. Also remember to protect your neck.  Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth when you do crunches. It will help align your head properly, which helps reduce neck strain.

3. Grow Muscle, Save Time

Here’s a subject that is brought up and re-hashed often. Keep your weight training workouts under an hour. After 60 minutes, your body starts producing more of the stress hormone cortisol, which can have a testosterone-blocking, muscle-wasting effect. Now, this isn’t saying that you can’t train longer than 60 minutes, it just means that the time spent training and lifting weights after an hour will not be as effective as the first 60 minutes.

4. Exercise in Order

Use dumbbells, barbells, and machines (in that order). The smaller, stabilizer muscles you use with dumbbells fatigue before your larger muscle groups.  So progress to machines, which require less help from your smaller muscles, as you grow tired.

5. Drink A Pint, Get Ripped

If you’re a beginner, train to failure—the point at which you absolutely can’t do another repetition—then throw back a pint (protein shake) . In a new study, beginners who trained to failure with three sets of six exercises per day then drank a supplement immediately afterward gained over 5 pounds of muscle in just 8 weeks. A pint of 1 percent chocolate milk will provide all the nutrients you need to achieve the same result.

6. Pick Up Your Pace

Increase the speed of your running strides (not their length) to get faster. Your foot should always land under your body, rather than out in front of it, and you should push-off with the toes of your rear leg for propulsion. Also when lifting weights, if you increase the pace of your reps and cut the time in between sets, your weight training will double as some cardio exercise.
Do the same amount of exercise in 10 percent less time. It forces your muscles to work harder and improves your endurance at the same time. If it takes you 30 minutes to do a full-body workout on Monday, try to do it in 27 minutes on Wednesday.

7.  Ride More Efficiently

Practice cycling one-legged to ride more efficiently. This forces you to concentrate on pulling up at the bottom of the stroke, which better distributes the work among the major leg muscles. Lock both feet on your pedals, but let your left leg go limp while you do all the work with your right leg. Do this for 30 seconds, then switch legs. Ride normally for 5 minutes, then repeat the drill. Continue this way for a 20- to 30-minute workout.

8.  Save Your Joints

Decrease the weight by 10 percent when you change your grip. So, for example,  if you’ve been benchpressing 135 pounds for 10 repetitions with a medium grip, drop to 120 pounds when you switch to a wide grip. You’ll be stressing your joints and muscles in a different way than they’re used to, which can cause injury.


9.  Improve Quickness

For faster foot speed in sports, try this move: Start with your feet hip-width apart and your hands at your sides. Lift your left foot in front of you, touch it with your right hand, and lower it to the floor. Lift your right foot, touch it with your left hand, and lower it. Then touch your left foot behind you with your right hand, then your right foot behind you with your left hand. Go for 20 seconds at a time, moving as fast as you can, and repeat for a total of three to five sets.

10. Eat Meat & Grow


Eat meat (4 to 8 ounces every day) to grow more muscle. A study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition compared two groups of older male weight lifters: One group ate meat, the other didn’t. Both groups grew stronger, but only the carnivores gained significant muscle. Chicken, turkey, and fish count, too.


11. Build Arms Faster


Work opposing muscle groups (your biceps and triceps, for instance) back-to-back for a faster workout. While one muscle is working, the other is forced to rest. You won’t need as much time between sets. Also, if you bend your wrists you will work your biceps harder. That is, extend them backward slightly (and hold them that way) while you do arm curls.

12. Improve Balance

Use a sofa cushion to improve your balance. Stand one-legged on the cushion and move a medicine ball (or a 1-gallon milk jug or heavy phone book) from hand to hand, side to side, and behind your head. Once you’ve mastered the move, try it with your eyes closed. You’ll improve your balance, coordination, and body control, all important athletic attributes.

13. Double Dip Benefits

Short and sweet… Do dips with your elbows in and your body straight to work your triceps. But lean forward and flare them out to focus on your chest.


14. Drink Up, Get Lean

Drink low-fat milk (even if consumed in a shake). Scientists in Canada found that people who consumed more than 600 milligrams of calcium a day (roughly the amount in 2 cups of milk, a cup of broccoli, and a half cup of cottage cheese) had lower body fat than those who consumed less than 600 milligrams a day.

15. Multiply Your Muscles


Follow this simple formula to build more muscle: Multiply the amount of weight you lift for a particular exercise by the total number of times you lift it. Try to increase that number every workout by lifting heavier weights, increasing your repetitions, or doing more sets.

16. Recover Faster


When you’re recovering from a muscle injury, begin exercising again as soon as you can. Try a few minutes at low intensity to test yourself. Go slowly (no explosive movements). If you experience pain, stop immediately. Afterward, ice the area for 20 minutes and exercise again the next day. You should be able to go a little harder and longer each workout.

17.  Reach Your Goals


Set your goals in reverse. That is, pick a date of completion and work backward, writing down short-term goals as you go. The goals then seem more like deadlines.

18. Outdrive Your Pals


To hit a golf ball farther, take some practice swings from the opposite side. It strengthens and balances your muscles, which may help you clear that water hazard. Do a few opposite swings on the first three or four holes, or for a minute at the driving range.

19. Get Stronger Legs

Most sports start from the ground up. Do lunges in reverse. This forces your front leg to work throughout the entire exercise. Use the same movement pattern as in a traditional lunge, but step backward instead of forward.


20. Loosen Your Hips


Keep your heels on the floor when you squat. If you can’t, your hip flexors are too tight. Try this stretch: Hold onto the sides of the squat rack and lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold for 30 seconds. Return to a standing position, then repeat five times.
Hope these tips help everyone out at home, in the gym, and most importantly on the course. Follow this advice and you will be well on your way to the body you’ve dreamed of and the best athletic performances you could imagine. Until next time,
Later Days

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