Right now, thousands of college and university coaches are searching for athletes but lack the resources to locate them. Our goal is to help both male and female student-athletes get the best post secondary education, at the best price, that allows them to continue to participate and excel in a sport they love.



We will make colleges, universities, and post secondary facilities and programs aware of each of our student-athletes and will walk each of our clients thoroughly through each phase of the recruitment process.

Brand Identity

WCCP will build a brand and provide each student-athlete with a marketable profile in order to gain attention from as many coaches and schools as possible.


We will work with our student-athletes every step of the way and advise them in the right direction when communicating with coaches, schools, and student counsellors to ensure they are making the right choices going through the recruitment process.


We develop long lasting relationships and will provide one on one personal support for all of our student-athletes and will continue to aid and assist even after our student-athletes have been recruited and placed in a post secondary facility.


Although WCCP doesn't guarantee scholarships, we are straight forward and honest with all of our prospects and will not take on prospects if we do not feel that we can provide quality services for each of our student-athletes.